Meet Abdullahi Abdurahman


Abdullahi Abdurahman




Highbury, North London


Drill and grime


Football and coming to Lift


How long have you been coming to Lift?

Over a year. I found out about it on-line or through school. I didn't know people here as I was the first of my friends to come.

What do you do?

Mostly the gym. I also go to the youth sessions, boxing sessions with Coach Prapon and I have tried fencing.

How has Lift helped you?

I have learnt that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it - you can do it and achieve your goals. Speak to Philip in the gym, put hard work in and you could acheive all your goals.

What is the most fun you have ever had?

I think being in the gym is the best with Luke, Philip and Prapon all helping me acheive my goals as well as teaching me some boxing. I never knew a thing about boxing when I first came to Lift but thanks to the team I now enjoy boxing as well as having learnt a few techniques. I also sometimes play games such as table tennis and cards. Come and meet Jesiah and Darrell - I have great fun with these two while playing FIFA - it's all bants with them.

What would you say to a young person that has never been here before?

It’s a great place. Come and meet Luke in the gym. Anything is possible. I have got more than fifteen friends to come here already. People are very friendly here at Lift. I didn't find it hard to settle in as I felt welcomed everywhere I was at. Making friends here is also very easy and fun.

Is there anything you wish you had known before you started coming here?

I wish I had known about it before. The team here are amazing.

What do you hope to be doing in three years’ time?

To be honest I don't know but I don't mind helping out here at Lift, especially in the gym.

How is Lift helping you meet your goals?

I learnt to create a series of small goals to build towards bigger goals.

Last updated: 18/10/2018 01:54PM