Young people speak their minds

Around 900 young people regularly take part in actvities at Lift every year. Meet a few of them and find out what they think of it.


"Lift is a really inclusive space, everyone is friendly, and you will learn new skills"

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"Learn to believe in yourself. I have been on a journey here. Trust the process!"

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"This place has a great vibe, you will feel safe and surrounded by good people"

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"I have met people here who have made me a better person - it is all the little conversations"

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"Opportunities are always around so if you open yourself to the possibilities you will find them"

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"Lift helped me to get used to being in London - I had just moved from the countryside in Spain"

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"I have learnt the importance of being on time, being dedicated and doing stuff that I love"

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"Chudi has boosted my confidence and now I volunteer in his classes helping the younger kids"

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"Lift has helped me to be happy. To be part of a team and I have made friends from this"

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"Lift is a place where you can make lifetime friends, and get opportunities to do bigger and better things"

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"All the workers are very friendly and non-judgemental. You meet alot of interesting people."

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Last updated: 29/3/2023 08:24PM