Sexual Health and Relationships

During the new national restrictions our Pulse Clinic is operating from Hollway ROad N7 only.

If you would like to speak to a nurse please call 020 7527 1300 between 12noon-5pm Mondays to Fridays.

If you are over 18 and looking for a free STI screening you can also contact Sexual Health London

For 13 - 20 year olds

We can help you with free, confidential, advice, information and support.

You can come for

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Emergency contraception (morning after pills
  • Sexual health check ups and treatment for infections (STIs)
  • Come Correct C-Card, condoms and lube
  • The pill, patch, implant and other contraceptive methods
  • Referral to maternity counselling (a midwife) or termination (abortion)
  • Referral to counselling support, drug & alcohol services
  • To ask questions about sex and relationships

Even if you just have some questions, please call and have a chat.

Confidentiality in Pulse Clinics

We always keep your information confidential. This means we don't tell anyone about your call. We hardly ever make an exception to this rule. The only time we will pass on information about you, possibly without your agreement, is if we are worried about your safety, or if we want to protect you, or someone else, from serious harm. Then we would need to tell someone who could help you. To reassure you, we would always talk to you first, if we have any concerns about your welfare or safety.

Last updated: 7/1/2021 01:27PM