Personal Trainer Tom Blackett

How I work

With me, the first session is always free. In order to be comfortable in the gym, you have to be comfortable with me. That first session will help us establish where your fitness currently stands and where you want to be. 

What you get with Tom Blackett Fitness

  • A free first session
  • No gym membership fees
  • Discounts for booking if you buy a block
  • Support 24/7 – even when you are not in the gym with me you can contact me
  • Your loyalty rewarded!


If you’d like to get in touch then don’t hesitate to do so - you can either call me on 07896955848 or email me on  If you want any more information on me you can also check out my website  I will make sure to respond to you within the day! I look forward to hearing from you.

Why choose me as your personal trainer?

Walking into a gym for the first time can be intimidating and keeping your motivation up is not easy. Nobody starts off in peak fitness, but anybody can get there. All it takes is a little self-belief, time, and hard work.

I am here to help you tackle not only your fitness goals but the emotional side of getting in shape. I will help motivate, guide and inspire you to get your body where you want it to be in a way that can be balanced with your regular routine.

As your dedicated personal trainer, I will put together a custom exercise regime and diet plan that specifically fits your lifestyle and preferences, and I will make sure you follow through on it.

Together we can make a healthier, happier you.
About me

Sports are part of who I am. Ever since I can remember, I have been swinging a hockey stick, kicking a football or playing on a team. That is why when I went to Edinburgh University I studied a sports degree and soon after qualified as a personal trainer. For the last five years I have been working in the fitness industry, firstly as part of a larger gym chain and now I’m fortunate enough to run my own fitness business.

I specialise in weight loss and athletic performance – covering anything from marathon and sport specific training all the way through to straight forward weight loss and health improvement. That said, my focus is always you, adapting my programmes to your needs.

Together we will…

  • Take the guesswork out of exercise
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of nutrition
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Continuously change and refine your training regime to achieve maximum results
  • Reach your fitness goals!

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