Sam Gubbey

Why choose me as your personal trainer?

With such a breadth of overwhelming and contradicting information about fitness, it’s no wonder many people find it intimidating stepping into a gym or kick-starting a new exercise routine. As your personal trainer, I aim to eliminate any confusion you may have about your fitness or diet regime, and to identify the best possible way to help you reach your goals using trusted methods.

Not just that; training with me will also have a personal touch. I will provide you with a bespoke training and diet plan specifically tailored towards you and your goals, taking into account current fitness levels and potential injuries. Whether you are reigniting your passion for fitness or are brand-new to training, I want to ensure that you are enjoying yourself and doing what’s best for you personally.

As a registered nutritionist, I will teach you the fundamentals of a sustainable healthy diet. With me, you will understand how you can be flexible with your diet, enjoy every meal, and still eat the foods you love to eat whilst achieving your fitness ambitions. As with training, discipline and consistency is key when it comes to your food intake. Remember – you cannot out-train a poor diet!


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