We have spaces for personal trainers

We are looking for freelance personal trainers

Lift in Angel is dedicated to healthy lifestyle activities. We have a 30 station gym that is used by young people three evenings a week. Outside of this we devote the gym primarily to personal training services.

This is great business opportunity

A population of 35,000 adults live within 1km of Lift. There is also a very high commuter population with Angel station only a few minutes away. During the day the rest of the buidling is used for meeting room hire so there is a high traffic of local business and organisations.

PT licences are very competitively priced as we understand there is some programme limitation and there is no ready-made pool of gym members to recruit from. On the plus side, your clients will not need to have an expensive gym membership, you will be free to run your own business and Lift is a pretty cool place to be!

Help will be given with promoting your services

Although responsibility of promoting personal training will lie with the personal trainers, Lift has a dedicated part of our high-traffic website for personal trainers.

Find out more

Please email your CV asap to damien.swan@isledon.co.uk For an informal chat you can call 07803 658991

Last updated: 8/11/2023 12:00PM