Personal Trainer Martin Anderson

A bit about me
Having come to health and fitness training in later life, I am living proof of what can be achieved by anyone with the right support, guidance and encouragement.

I also fundamentally believe that living a little more adventurously is essential to our health and wellbeing, so every year I out on a series of personal adventures which take me out of my comfort zone and test my limits of endurance.

In 2022, I ran four ultra-marathons (2 x 100 kilometres and 2 x 100 miles) and completed my first 24-hour ultra-trail race (covering 106 miles).

In January 2023, I completed the 496km challenge (running each day of the month in kilometres) and in May, the Hyrox fitness competition at Olympia. In early August, I ran the Bannister 24-hour ultra, covering 95.4 miles in 20 hrs. And in December, I’ll be running Hurtwood 50 through the Surrey Hills.

Why choose me as your peronal trainer

Whether you are reigniting your passion for fitness or are brand-new to training, your health and fitness journey starts here. I work with all sorts of people who want to make positive changes in their life, including those with medical conditions such as hypertension and type II diabetes.

Whether your focus is on fitness goals, nutrition, lifestyle or a combination, your programme is tailored to you.

Your plan starts with a free consultation and fitness assessment and an honest conversation about you and your goals. We will discuss the best way to achieve your goals, taking into account your current fitness levels, your current lifestyle, how much time you have available, your personal preferences and much more.

Healthy Body
We’ll explore your fitness, flexibility and mobility, creating a bespoke personal training plan built around you, your lifestyle and your goals. I’ll give you the confidence and knowledge to be able to train safely and effectively in the gym, at home, outdoors and when you’re travelling.

Balanced Nutrition
I’ll give you back control of your diet, by providing a personalised, sustainable nutrition plan with clear guidance and advice to help you improve your relationship with food long term.

Strong Mind
When you feel happy and relaxed, you make better choices. I’ll support you to build a strong and healthy mindset so you can better manage stress, through techniques including meditation, breathwork and mindfulness.

Whatever you want to achieve, you will have my patience, guidance and encouragement as you improve your fitness, overhaul your diet, reboot your energy levels and change your outlook on life.

If you have the desire to take the first step, let’s talk.

Phone: 07944 389328

Last updated: 8/11/2023 06:08PM