Alistair Richardson

Why choose me as your personal trainer?

My recent completion of a Masters degree in Sports Performance Analysis has enabled my expertise in the bio-mechanical make-up and analysis of the human body through kinaesthetic motion under stress. Incorporated with my level 5 in nutrition (equivalent to degree level), I am able to supply my clients with knowledge and understanding of correct exercise techniques whilst establishing a nutrition plan to assist you reach your goals.

Having previously played elite American Football for Mexico on transfer/loan in my youth before going on to manage several gyms in the UK (Pure gym, Fitness First and lastly Virgin Active in Angel to name a few), I understand the requirements of an athlete as well as the requirements of those that have a demanding desk job.

I have been a Personal Trainer for over eight years and I have chosen to continue my passion in personal training at Lift. I can provide you with my expertise from the industry and bring you the results you are looking to achieve along with hard work and dedication, which I will support you with through every step of the way.

Contact me for your complimentary 30 minute (max) assessment with consultation.




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I will help you meet your fitness goals whatever they may be

From nutritional advise to stress management, I will be there to assist you in achieving your goals, whether that is to get to your ideal weight via fat loss and toning; increase muscle mass through hypertrophy training or work toward a particular event such as 5K - marathon. As a qualified sports injury therapist, I will also be able to assist you in correcting any ongoing injuries or strains brought on by day to day activities within our session. I have a proven track record with many established clientele. I have and do work with celebrities and sports personnel during my career and I would like to bring this knowledge to you.

I create a fun, active and innovative session with programs catered to assist you in achieving your goals

Included in your package will be:

  • Calorie specific food diary and nutritional advise from a Level 5 nutritionist
  • Catered progression programs designed to your capabilities
  • Bio-mechanical analysis for postural correction and catered correctional program
  • 99.9% accurate ongoing body stat measurements including heart rate, blood pressure and body fat percentage
  • 6 day a week availability (sorry - I keep Sunday's for my own RnR).
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