Unhappy, stressed or depressed?

The service can help with the following issues:

Drugs / alcohol problems
Anxiety / panic attacks
Cultural / religious identity
Pressure from friends
Feeling islolated
Sexual identity
Eating problems
Family problems
Feeling angry or violent
Sexual and emotional abuse
Feeling unhappy and depressed
Sexual and relationship difficulties
Difficulties at school, college or work

This free confidential service has been set up by Islington Council to provide help and support to young people aged 12-21 who live, study or work in Islington.

Counselling will give you the chance to talk to a trained person in private who will listen to how you feel and try to help you to see if there are any changes you might want to make in your life. You will not be judged or told what to do.

Up to 12 one-to-one sessions can be arranged to this welcoming, relaxed and friendly programme.

To make an initial appointment contact Afra on 020 7527 5013 or 07825 098 200 or email afra.bell@islington.gov.uk

Last updated: 14/3/2024 10:29AM