Social Space

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You can now book a space in Lift to come in and do your own thing. You may want to

  • Play a online games like Among Us
  • Study together with friends
  • Rehearse a dance or creative piece
  • Have a group discussion with a youth worker
  • Simply catch up with your mates

There are lots of  rooms and spaces including a dance studio, classrooms, a rooftop terrace and even a secret garden. There is free wifi available.

We know that meeting up is hard in this coronavirus situation where there are restrictions of visiting people at home. So you can come to Lift knowing you have a safe space in a covid-secure environment. We suggest groups should be no more than six and ask you to observe social distancing and other safe practices. We also encourage you to use outside spaces (unless it is cold, wet or dark!)

Please note that booking for all activities is now essential as we have a limited number of people we can have in the building at any one time.

Days: Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays
Times: 4-8pm
Price: part of 50p entry fee
Ages: 13—21
To book: speak to Judith in person or call/text 07825 098689 or email

Health, Safety and Hygiene

  • The room will be sanitised before every session booking but you are welcome to do this yourself again with products provided. You must santise all the tables and chairs when you are finished.
  • Everyone will be asked to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitiser before using the work stations.
  • The capacity of the room or space will be limited to allow for social distancing
  • You will have a saftey briefing in advance and must follow all staff instructions
  • For control measures for the whole building see our covid security page

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meeting room

Last updated: 14/5/2021 07:09PM