Emotional Wellbeing Team

Some young people need professional social and emotional support during challenging times in their lives. Emotional Wellbeing Workers aim to give that support through creative, social and sporting activities in the community.

Below is an FAQ to help young people to better understand what it is all about and what to expect once they have been referred. It is also designed to inform parents and other family members.

Emotional Wellbing Team: Danny, Hannah, Immanuella and Matt

Who is this service for?

Anyone aged 8-18 who lives, studies or has a GP in Islington and who makes a referral to the Social, Emotional and Mental Health pathway can be considered for support from an Emotional Wellbeing Worker. We help young people who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or low and would like help to improve how they feel.

How do you make a referal?

Anyone can refer a young person, it could be a parent, youth worker, GP, school, social worker or other professional. Young people can also refer themselves. The referral will go through the Social Emotional and Mental Health Pathway which will also give access one of the following

  • TYS Counselling
  • Barnardo's
  • Brandon Centre

Visit this link and click on 'request for service form' Children's Service Contact Team


Do you have to take part?

No. It is completely voluntary.

Are parents/carers involved?

Children under 13 must have parental consent. Everyone aged 13-15 should discuss this with their parents. For 16-18s then it is up to them to decide whether or not to involve family. 

Does this cost anything?

The support we provide is completely free. The activities are also usually free. If an activity has a cost, we can apply for funding.

Can Emotional Wellbeing Worker help with serious mental health issues?

No, we are not a clinical service and we can only support with lower level emotional wellbeing difficulties. However, by referring through the SEMH pathway young people will be connected an appropriate service. If we start working with you and we believe you need clinical support we will help you access this.

What happens if I am referred to the Emotional Wellbeing Team?

Within two weeks of recieving the outcome letter from SEMH an Emotional Wellbeing Worker will be in touch.

  • Support is flexible to meet your needs and we start by getting to know you, what you like, and what you might need support with.
  • We can meet you at youth hubs or other community spaces like cafés or parks - wherever you feel comfortable. We can meet in person, talk on the phone, have video calls or message.
  • Together we will plan some activities to help with your goals.
  • We will act as a link person to arrange things and attend with you if you like.
  • We’ll regularly check in and chat about how you are doing.
  • The number and frequency of meetings depends on you.

What kind of activities could I be linked to?

Our team focuses on the benefits that social, creative and sporting activities can bring you. The list below is a general guideline with more things being added all the time.

Arts | Archery | Baking | Basketball | Bike Maintenance | Book Clubs | Boxing | Coding | Cooking | Crafts | Circuit Training | Dance | DJ Workshops | Environmental Workshops | Filmmaking | Fitness classes | Gaming | Gardening | Gym | Drama | Football | Multi-sports | Music | Music Production | Photography | Podcast Production | Robotics and AI | Singing |  Tennis | Woodwork | Yoga

Your worker will hear your ideas and will support to find an activity that you are interested in or something similar.

How can I ask a question that is not listed?

You can email wellbeing@isledon.co.uk or you can come to our fortnighly drop in sessions

Last updated: 14/3/2024 10:29AM