Counselling and Psychotherapy

Young people aged 16-21 who live in Islington, or have an Islington based GP, can ask us for help with all sorts of problems and difficulties, for example:

  • bereavement
  • being bullied
  • feeling suicidal
  • feeling isolated
  • eating problems
  • family problems
  • feeling angry or violent
  • self-harming
  • sexual or emotional abuse
  • feeling unhappy or depressed
  • sexual or emotional relationship difficulties
  • difficulties at school, college or work

Counselling and psychotherapy are not the same as giving advice or telling you what to do. Instead, your therapist will help you to understand the issues that are worrying you, so that you can decide for yourself how best to deal with them.

In your sessions you can talk about whatever you need to without being judged, and in the knowledge that what you say will remain confidential. Your therapist will respect your values and lifestyle and you can use the time you spend together to help you think about any choices or changes that you would like to make. Individual sessions will usually last for 50 minutes and take place in a comfortable and private setting. How many times you need to come will depend on what is helpful for you.

To make an appointment please email

The waiting time for an appointment varies, but we will contact you when we have one available at a time that is suitable for you.

Last updated: 14/3/2024 10:29AM