History of 45 White Lion Street



The building was established as Penton Grove School by the London County Council's Schools Board for London. It was designed by E.R. Robson. It was less than half the size of current building and where the gym, studio and Penton Room now are. 



The school doubled in size with the addition of a new extension on White Lion Street. Between the old and new classrooms there was an assembly hall on each floor and a rooftop garden for girls. It was renamed White Lion Secondary School.


After WW2

The school was renamed Penton Primary School.



It closed as Penton Primary and pupils were transferred to another school on Ritchie Street.



All the windows on the south side of Lift were blown in when the neighbouring African National Congress headquarters in Penton Street was bombed by South African secret agents of the apartheid regime. Unbelievably and thankfully, no one was killed by the 10lb shell.



Islington Council Play and Youth Service took over the management of building and youth club and re named it White Lion Youth Centre.


New stairs and a lift were added to the east entrance to make the building fully accessible. A kitchen, new gym and dance studio we created as part of a major refurbishment. The building was renamed Lift Youth Hub.


A large outdoor kitchen was added to the north side of the building.


Planning permission was give to build a new dance studio in the car park, due to open in 2024. More info.

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