Lift Youth Workers

Lift youth workers run many of the activities detailed on the website and they are here to help and support you on a one-to-one basis. The team also provides opportunities for you to get involved in residential programmes, trips and international exchange.

Youth work is based on a curriculum of topics we feel are important to your lives. Activities with Lift youth workers are discussions, focus groups or activities which can help you with:

  • communication skills
  • increasing confidence
  • making better decisions
  • managing your emotions better
  • relationships with friends and family
  • issues with drugs and alcohol
  • dealing with conflict


Advocacy - If you are in a situation you find challenging at school or home, then the team can help by giving you advice and acting as advocates. This can mean going to meetings or making phone calls to represent you and speak on your behalf.

Parents and Carers - Lift Youth Workers can also offer advice and support to adults living with young people - so if you think you could benefit from speaking to one of the team - give us a call and it and can be arranged.

For further information: contact 07825 098689 or drop in - there are always youth workers available at Lift on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 4 - 9pm.