Family Mediation

Sometimes families argue and situations can be hard to take.  If relationships at home are challenging you may feel let down and confused. Alone in London's family meditation service is fair, impartial and non-judgemental. Participation is voluntary so you can opt-out if you choose.

If you'd like the chance to talk to a mediator and find out how mediation can help you, come and see us at Lift.

Day: Wednesdays


June 6 and 20
July 4 and 18
August 8 and 22

Times: 3 - 5pm

Ages: 16+

You can just drop in or book in advance.

For more information call 0207 278 4224 or email

Alone in London is a youth charity that supports young people, age 16 - 25 in the prevention of homelessness. They provide you with initial advice and information on what to do if you are homeless or about to become homeless and offer a fair and non-judgemental mediation service.

Alone in London also deliver workshops to young people on homeless prevention and conflict management. These are delivered in local youth centres and facilitated by trained mediators.

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