Drugs and Alcohol Advice and Information

These free confidential drop-in sessions are for young people who want more information about drugs and alcohol misuse and the help available to individuals and families in Islington.

So if you are worried about yourself, a friend or family member then this is a good place to start learning more about drugs and alcohol misuse and get help to sort out the situation.

Ages: 13-21

Next date: Wednesday 20 December


Wednesday 17 January 4-6pm

Wednesday 21 February 4-6pm

Wednesday 21 March 4-6pm

Wednesday 18 April 4-6pm

Wednesday 16 May 4-6pm

Wednesday 20 June 4-6pm

Wednesday 18 July 4-6pm

More about the service

IYPDAS work with people up to the age of 21, who are using drugs, alcohol or solvents like glue. They can give honest information about how they work, what the risks are, and how you can reduce those risks. You do not have to want to stop using to speak to them.

They can arrange substitute prescribing for drugs like heroin and alcohol and rehab if appropriate. They have helped lots of young people and can help you too.

You can also call IYPDAS on 020 7527 5099 for advice, information, or to make an appointment at Lift or your home, school or college.