Samir Farouk

How I can help you
Regardless of your age, current fitness level, experience or confidence, in a matter of weeks I will make a difference to you. You will see increased energy levels and stamina, better body composition and look and feel your best. I will teach you that movement, exercise and nutrition are keys to healthy lifestyle and can be very rewarding. Come and punch some pads, swing kettlebells, sweat and feel the post exercise exhilaration with the endorphin release. I will teach you the best exercises and routines to get you to your goals efficiently and monitor your progress and tweak your programs accordingly. I will also help you identify any postural issues and tight muscles and then show you how to address these through exercise and soft tissue release methods which will improve your wellbeing and performance, decreasing the likelihood of injury occurrence.

So whether it is losing weight, improving posture, overcoming injuries, learning self-defence, boxing, sport specific training or developing self-confidence I will provide the motivation and guidance to get you there. Through sharing my knowledge and positive motivation I will help you achieve your goals.

Being in better shape allows you to live life to the fullest with more energy and vigour and I want to be there with you every step of the way pushing you through barriers you never thought would be possible to break through. There is no time like the present! Let’s train!!

Contact me for your complimentary consultation today and let’s make it happen.

Why choose me as your Personal Trainer?
My aim as a personal trainer is to help you pursue your potential, achieve your health goals and become the best version of yourself. We are capable of doing so much more than we usually give ourselves credit for and I want to be there with you every step of the way pushing you through barriers you never thought would be possible to break through. My background in traditional martial arts, personal training, sports remedial massage and posture correction allows me to use a variety of training modalities to help you achieve your specific goals. My training sessions are challenging yet packed with FUN and you will never get bored. In addition I will create a bespoke training and nutrition plan so that you are able to continue to progress outside of our sessions.

About Me
With over 10 years experience of training in  martial arts including a range of styles such as Wing Chun Kung Fu, TaiJi and Boxing I decided to train as a personal trainer to further develop myself and share with others my passion and experience of transforming health and fitness. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Boxercise and Muhammad Ali Boxing Coach and have experience of working at a major UK health club where I gained invaluable experience as a trainer. I was able to make considerable improvements in people’s health and fitness, and frequently received positive feedback on my sessions and the results of my training programs. I have now ventured out as a freelance PT and launched my company Enlight Holistic Fitness which has a holistic focus on personal training drawing and balancing elements from martial arts, strength and conditioning, sports injury therapy and other holistic practices. Having been through my own journey of transforming my health, fitness and overcoming injury I believe I have a wealth of experience to share with my clients, to motivate and guide them to becoming their best.

Complementary First session
I offer a complimentary consultation and assessment during our first session. Here we will sit down and discuss your training goals, history, motivation and lifestyle habits. During this time I also carry out a posture analysis and movement screen and take body measurements such as body fat percentages, weight and any carry out any other fitness tests needed to set targets and monitor progress. Using the information obtained in this session I will create a bespoke exercise and nutrition program that will get you to your goal. 

I offer a variety of training packages and prices to suit your time availability and lifestyle.

I look forward to hearing form you.

Samir Farouk

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