Curious about mindfulness? Come and find out how this technique can help you relax, deal with stress and exam pressures and enhance your general wellbeing. By practicing different mindfulness techniques you will develop greater awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviour and learn how to live a healthier, calmer and happier life.

Mindfulness involves directing your attention to the present, and is proven to help with exam pressure, stress reduction, boosting memory function, and enhancing wellbeing. This 6-week course is a unique opportunity to learn how to direct your attention to the present, develop greater awareness of thoughts and feelings and enhance communication, performance and creativity.

In addition to the six week course there are four two-hour taster workshops. You will be introduced to some Mindfulness techniques and find out about the benefits of joining a longer course. 

You can also find out more information from The Stress Project

Taster dates and times: 5-7pm

Monday 17 July, Wednesday 19 July, Monday 7 August, Wednesday 16 August

Course dates and times: 5-7pm

Wednesday 26 July - Wednesday 30 August

Ages: 16-24

Price: free

To book: call 020 7700 3938 or email stressproject@hng.org.uk