Afrofusion Dance

Join Patience for a high energy on-line dance class that draws on the traditions of African, hip hop and other club cultures.

All you need is the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or laptop and a bit of space to move around. A bottle of water will also be needed!

Date: Monday 4 May
Time: 7.30-8.30pm
Ages: 13-19
App: Zoom
To book: at or text/whatsapp 07825 098689 we will email or text you a number and password to access – please do not share this with anyone.

Patience James is part of duo GOP Dancers and graduated from the Wac Arts Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre in 2013. Since then, she has worked as a dancer, choreographer and tutor specialising in Afro-Fusion and Contemporary Dance Styles.

Patience James

Our Zoom protocols

Before the class

  • You have to be a registered member at Lift, Platform or Rose Bowl to take part. If you are not registered already just email and we can set you up.
  • Downloaded the Zoom video chat room app and set up an account. There are lots of training videos telling you how to do this. You just need the free version.
  • We suggest young people use first name only for your profile.
  • Be on time in the Zoom waiting room before the start of the class – we will ‘lock’ the session after the warm up so dont be late!
  • Tell any other people in your house you are on a Zoom class so they don’t disturb you.
  • If you are using a computer or tablet for the session then turn off your phone

During the class - the groundrules

  • It is up to you whether to have your video on or off but it is helpful to Patience if she can see everyone.
  • Keep your screen mute unless you are speaking.
  • If you want to speak indicate with your hand or thumbs up
  • Be supportive and appreciative of each other.
  • Everything said in the room stays in the room unless there is a safeguarding issue that will need to be addressed.
  • Do not take screen shots or photos or record anything.
  • You cannot privately message other individual group participants – all messages will go to everyone though you can still send private ones to a youth worker who will be the host
  • If you want to discuss something personal on a one-to-one then send a private message to the host and we will get in touch afterwards.

After the group chat

This new world of meeting and dancing on-line with Zoom is new to all of us. We are all learning and appreciate your feedback. So tell us what works and what doesn’t work!

If you have any ideas for future talks please let us know. You can email or text Judith on 07825 098689 and she will call you back.

*if you are not a registered user please email and we will set you up.

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